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ATM theft and paper leak to be now branded petty organized crime under section 378

The Volstead Act, now known as the Prohibition era of America, was the onus for all the gangster movies getting firmly embedded in the popular culture, with sell out books and movies in no shortage. It made the gangster a known and enigmatic figure at the same time. There were many men that became counterculture legends in this time, like Lucky Luciano, John Dillinger, Johnny Torrio, whose protege Al Capone towered over the rest to the point where it can be safely said that all of gangster culture is owed to him, from the way he stared like a tiger to the elegant three piece suits he wore in flamboyant shades, there have been countless portrayals from the long faced and a permanently hangdog looking Jason Robards to the more closer to reality Robert De Niro, he died an inglorious death for a man of his stature, but it often looks like he had the last laugh.

This is called organized crime and Italy has been verified both statistically and stereotypically as the home of the Mafia, which in part has fascinated viewers since the Godfather went on to win the Best Picture Oscar and give rise to further speculation about this world. India had no shortage of it, Dawood Ibrahim, who managed to trump hardened men like Haji Mastan and Karim Lala to rule Bombay is well worth all the literary and media attention he has since garnered. 

Continuing to that theme, it has been declared that offenses like ATM theft, leaking papers will now be classified under the petty organized crime bracket, earlier simply under section 378, titled threat, which was a very broad way to accessorize the same. The decision comes off as legally sound and important, for crimes like these are never stable,they balloon into much more calculating and bigger rackets, in fact even entire syndicates whose only job is to to earn profit with a devil may care attitude.

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