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Bangladeshi woman arrives in Noida with an infant, shocking story behind

Does love require a visa or approval? Look at history and you will find there is no shortage of lovers committing atrocious acts of rebellion just to seek a few forbidden moments of togetherness, case in point Romeo Juliet and their Punjabi counterparts Heer and Ranjha, who are now buried together in modern day Pakistan, sacrificing their lives for the ultimate romantic ode and the distinction of forever being known as star crossed lovers.

I have been in love twice till date and no it did hold up to my Romanticism drenched imagination both the times, leading to a painful parting and bittersweet memories. In my mind, both those girls were the personification of Venus to my Janus, who coincidentally is the god of new beginnings and endings, as well as the month January, in which I was born. Maybe we loved each other too early or too late, timing I have realised is essential to this concept, a realisation I got to know of after these two affairs that changed a lot of my thinking. It made an artist out of me at the end of the day, so I have never been mad about any of it happening.

Sonia Akhtar in a recent photo

A Bangladeshi woman by the name of Sonia Akhtar has shown up in Noida with an infant in the search of her husband, who she claims has deserted her. In a plotline that almost mirrors the plot of Talkative Man by RK Narayan, except for the bearing infant part and the husband being a serial seducer, which I feel can be adapted for a next bestselling novel or hit movie. The husband married her, converted to Islam as is customary, left on the pretext of seeking work and has not been found till date, even after the intervention of the police, although the woman is determined and shows no sign of leaving.

Does anyone know what they call love like this?

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