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Breaking News: 3.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Delhi and NCR

Delhi, India: In a seismic event that sent tremors across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) on Sunday afternoon, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 3.1 struck at approximately 4:08 pm. This comes just days after a similar jolt was felt on October 3.

According to the National Centre for Seismology, the epicenter of the earthquake was located nine kilometers east of Faridabad in Haryana and approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Delhi. The quake had a depth of 10 kilometers.

Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties as a result of the earthquake. Sunday’s event, although a noticeable tremor, was significantly weaker than the earthquake that recently shook the region with a magnitude of 6.2. The more powerful quake, with an epicenter in Nepal and a depth of 5 kilometers, was felt just a few days ago.

Authorities are urging residents to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions, although there is no cause for alarm at this time. Scientists and seismologists are closely monitoring the situation, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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