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Delhi High Court Allows Removal of Father’s Name from Passport

The Delhi High Court has allowed the removal of a father’s name from his child’s passport for deserting the child. They made this decision following the provisions outlined in the 2020 Passport Manual.


The Passport Authority denied the woman’s request for removing her husband’s name from her child’s passport, citing insufficient evidence. Consequently, the woman filed a petition with the Delhi High Court to seek redress.

Court’s Decision

The Delhi High Court noted that the 2020 Passport Manual provides for the removal of a parent’s name from a child’s passport if the parent has deserted the child. The court stated that the woman had provided sufficient evidence to prove that her husband had deserted their child. Therefore, the court allowed the removal of the father’s name from the child’s passport.

The court issued an order to the Passport Authority to ensure that removing the father’s name from the passport does not compromise the welfare of the child. They instructed the Passport Authority to ensure that the child is entitled to all the benefits or rights that they are entitled to due to possessing a passport, and not to deprive the child of any such benefits or rights.


This decision emphasizes the significance of safeguarding the welfare of the child when making decisions regarding the child’s passport. It will have significant implications for women who have been abandoned by their husbands and are trying to obtain passports for their children.


 The Delhi High Court has allowed the removal of a father’s name from his child’s passport for deserting the child. They made this decision in accordance with the 2020 Passport Manual. It emphasized the significance of safeguarding the welfare of the child in such cases.

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