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Environment Sect. emphasizes on protecting elephants in Tamil Nadu

Protection of elephants in Tamil Nadu

Protection of elephants in Tamil Nadu. Sahu, the Tamil Nadu Environment Secretary started a discussion the latest news of four elephants being electrocuted in two different incidents. She mentioned that something like this should never happen as it affects the lives of animals. Supriya Sahu also added that she and her team are working together to make sure that something like this never happens. The reason this scary and horrifying incident took place is because three elephants accidentally walked into an electrical fence, unfortunately they couldn’t survive the shock. They also left behind two calves. This incident took place on 7 March 2023. In another accident, a male elephant died while it was trying to cross over a bund. The elephant came over a low-lying wire that was not visible to the elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant tripped over the low-lying and almost invisible high tension wire of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Message from Environment Secretary

The Tamil Nadu Environment Secretary, Supriya Sahu mentioned in a statement, “It is a very sad incident. A farmer had placed high-tension wires for warding off wild boars which killed these elephants. We have arrested him and will make sure he faces proper punishment. In the other incident, an elephant died after coming in contact with a low-lying high-tension wire. For this, we are working closely with Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO). We are also working to find a permanent solution to this.”

Supriya Sahu and her team are working tirelessly for the protection and conservation of elephants. This step taken by them to help the elephants in Tamil Nadu is necessary. Six elephants have died just this year due to the electrical fence, the low-lying tension wire and due to many more reasons. The Environment team is now taking action to save and protect the elephants. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. Kashmir Journalist arrested by NIA in Terror Funding Case

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