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Gifts from the Rain God, Indra

In a pleasant turnout of events for all pluviophiles, the Indian Meteorological department has predicted a moderate amount of rainfall with a hint of thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday, which would make it the ideal long weekend. 

Furthermore, IMD has also stated that the weather would remain mostly clouded on Thursday as well. This has been an above average year in terms of rainfall, with rains lashing on the streets in complete Lord Indra style fury, causing massive traffic jams, a sudden drop in temperature as well as the disruption of the crop cycle and the school-office cycle.

A 100 year record was broken in Delhi this year in June, with more than 100mm rains in the Safdarjung area itself. Kuldeep Srivastava, the supremo said in a recent statement that the monsoon winds are moving closer to Delhi and light rains can be experienced in some areas today as well, along with some minor disruptions in traffic although that is is very common in the monsoon season since a long time now and isn’t something that would break the presses as a revelation. 

It also promises to give a much needed respite from the trademark humidity of the Sun god, with the temperatures dropping to 35 degrees and the minimum temperatures to be at 26 degrees. As per Wednesday the maximum temperature was 36.2 degrees and the minimum was 27.9 degrees which was keeping in line with the predictions. 

Some areas in Delhi like Pitampura, Mayur Vihar etc received the first hand rain of this article and as far these predictions go, it is still a complete weekend left before they can be called accurate because in June only average rainfall was speculated and instead we witnessed the thunderous fury of Indradev himself.

Get your pakoras and chai ready, Delhiites, we are in for a rainy day(pun intended)

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