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High Levels of Ammonia in River Yamuna affects the people of Delhi

High levels of Ammonia in River Yamuna affects Delhi. The water supply might get affected in certain areas of Delhi due to the high levels ammonia in the Yamuna River. This increase in ammonia levels led to a 50 percent decrease in the production at the Wazirabad and the Chandrawal water treatment plants in New Delhi. The WTPs at Chandrawal and Wazirabad can treat up to 90 MGD and 135 MGD of water, respectively.

The areas of Delhi that were affected the most because of the high levels of ammonia include, Civil lines, Hindu Rao Hospital, Old & New Rajinder Nagar, Patel Nagar (East & West), Delhi gate, Subhash Park, Model Town, Kamla Nagar, Shakti Nagar and many more. These are just some of the places that were affected by the ammonia incident. There are still a lot more places that might face water shortage due to this.

The increase in the levels of ammonia is surely concerning to the people of Delhi. Toxic pollutants such as ammonia can easily ruin the quality of the air and even the water. This will in turn affect the health of the thousands of people living in New Delhi.

Dangerous effects of Ammonia

Ammonia is surely considered and known to be a harmful substance. Its presence in the waters of River Yamuna is not a good sign and measures should be taken to improve this situation. High levels of ammonia are only dangerous to humans but also damaging for aquatic life as well the flora and fauna. Ammonia is indeed a harmful substance and if consumed in high quantities can cause irritations and even burns. The Delhi Government has advised people to use water carefully and without any wastage till the time the problem of high levels of ammonia is fixed. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. Internet services discontinued in several Districts in Bihar

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