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IAS introduces techniques to improve children’s nutirtion

IAS officials have devised an innovative technology to improve the nutritional levels of tribal children in Ethappalli, Maharashtra. His IAS Commissioner, Shubham Gupta, has developed his AI-based machine that controls the quality of meals served to students at the Todsa Ashram School in Etthaparli. Officials said they considered the plan after learning that 61 of her 222 girls at the school were malnourished.

Of his efforts, a relief collector said: When she attended this all-girls ashram school, she felt undernourished. A preliminary BMI analysis showed that 61 of the 222 girls were malnourished. Meals are provided three times a day for her: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The amount of food is just right, and the menu is also particular. So I wanted to find out what the cause was. “
He went on to contact an NGO and was introduced to a startup called “UdyogYantra”. This startup was able to machine the quality control of the food served at the school.
Maharashtra is state with a lot of tribal population, especially in the Naxal-ridden Gadchiroli region.
“Contacting an NGO further deepened our connection with the startup. Here we used this machine that they designed. Through this machine we tried to improve not only the quantity of food but also the quality. increase. So far we have installed it in one of eight ashram schools,” he said.

The official added that the results of the initiative have been “very positive.” They have seen good response from the children and even many schools and day care centres from small towns and cities have shown interest.

“We installed it in September 2022. Since then, the food quality has improved and so has his BMI in the children,” he said.

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