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India reaches the moon, now it is time for the Sun

In astrology, the Sun and Moon occupy very important positions. If you want to see their outward self confidence, paternal relationships, value system etc, you look at the position of the Sun, which gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, you will have a better idea. It also represents the father and authority, so the better the Sun somebody has, the better the relationship the native has with his father and authority. The Moon meanwhile represents the mother, the strength of somebody’s emotional well being and imagination, its exaltation point being in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio, although Moon and Venus are enemies so it is a little surprising that it gets exalted in a classic Venusian sign. The stronger the Moon, the better mother a native has that works for his betterment, the richer his imagination, and the more likely that he will fare better in hardships.

India must have a very favorable moon in its birth chart, for each time it has gone up in the form of Chandrayaan, the efforts have been well received, a reference to the recent success we had which has made us known worldwide yet again. It does make sense though to make such a speculation, for in India mothers occupy a deity like state, many imaginative geniuses have been given a place here and even in our hard times, our internal well being has remained robust which would have been impossible without having a strong Moon.


But now is not the time to rest on the laurels, India now is yearning to make Aditya, the solar mission an even bigger success. Not remembering previous successes and always wanting to do more is a classic Rahuvian trait and yes, Rahu does sit in the first house of India’s birth chart, which also explains why we are skeptics, fascinated with the West, getting separated from our roots, all distinct qualities of the planet Rahu. 

Although this is an attitude that has helped India reach astronomical heights and it won’t be a surprise if the next mission becomes a roaring success.

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