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Mexico set to name female candidate for Presidential elections

Mexico will nominate the former Mexico City mayor as the Presidential candidate

Mexico will announce former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum as a candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections. The nomination puts her in a prime position as the first female President of Mexico. 

Sheinbaum and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador are close allies. The National Regeneration Movement conducted a poll on potential winners of the election. According to the results, Sheinbaum is a favorite.

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Sheinbaum was addressing the people at a press conference. She states that the people have decided that she is a MORENA candidate. Victory is sure in 2024. Her supporters were chanting “president, president, president” at the conference. 

Sheinbaum was able to beat five other contenders in the national polls. According to the results, she has accumulated 39% of the votes. However, Claudia’s rival, former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, claimed the results were tainted with irregularities. The results should be counted again. 

Ebrard and his team were not present when Sheinbaum was declared the winner. He had been denied entry at the venue, i.e., the Mexico City World Trade Center. The event was in an upscale neighborhood in the capital. 

Ebrard said that he would decide his next move soon. When asked, he did not deny throwing his vote to the center-left Citizens’ Movement (MC). MC is a significant opposition party. They have not selected a candidate. 

Ebrard received a quarter of the votes in the MORENA polls. His campaign team has cited malpractice, and complaints have increased significantly. Political insiders speculate that there is a bust-up. MORENA has defended the results. 

Mexico divided over MORENA results

Alfonso Durazo, the MORENA national board president, states there were no malpractices or corruptive practices while deciding the votes. State governors have signed a statement that.

MORENA is the favorite candidate for the presidential elections. However, Lucas Obrador urges the party to remain focused. 

The opposition has also declared a female candidate. Xochitl Galvez, of Indigenous origins, is a charismatic and unconventional senator. She is also a successful entrepreneur.

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