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Plane Crash at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport: 5 Dead as Aircraft Collides with Coast Guard Plane

Amidst Ongoing Earthquake Crisis; Miraculous Evacuation of 379 Passengers, Transport Minister Investigates Cause. Eyewitnesses Share Shocking Videos and Accounts

A plane crashed in the Tokyo’s Haneda airport burst into flames. Fortunately all 379 passengers and crew members evacuated successfully but the plane crashed with the coast Guard plane and 5 people died in the Coast Guard plane. The coast guard plane was there to support and give aid after the earthquake . More than 150 earthquakes have been recorded since monday in Japan.

Japan’s Transport minister gave his statement on the incident claiming, “We’re not at the stage to explain the cause of the accident.” Apparently the plane arrived from Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido.

People on observation desk witnessed the incident with their eyes. Over 70 fire engines were deployed to bring fire under control.Videos from inside the plane the go viral over the internet showing the anxious moment of the passengers. Passengers share their experience and gratitude on X the platform formerly called Twitter.

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