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Protest in Kerala on operation for capturing rouge elephant

Protest in Kerala on operation of capturing rouge elephant

Protest in Kerala on operation of capturing rouge elephant. The Kerala High Court stayed the forest department’s plan of tranquillizing a wild elephant. This incident took place on Thursday in a special hearing which was granted by the Kerala High Court. Apparently, the wild elephant, nicknamed Arikomban had destroyed some houses and shoes as well as crops in a particular region for the past 16 months. This led to various protests from the people of Munnar and Chinnakanal in Idukki. The high court of Kerala stayed “Operation Arikomban”. This was done after the People for Animals as well as the Walking Eye Foundation took up an issue with the court regarding the tranquillizing of the elephant. They were of the opinion that capturing and making the elephant Kumki through vigorous is unethical and cruel.  

Views of Kerala Independent Farmers Association

On the other hand, the farmers of the region as well as the political parties threatened the Kerala Government that they would block the roads if the mission was called off. Some of the local political parties also announced that they will hold protests and rallies against the Kerala High Court on Sunday. The Kerala Independent Farmers’ Association also said, “We are shocked that the operation was stayed till Wednesday (March 29). Arikomban took several lives. It razed many houses and shops and destroyed crops for more than two years. Sadly, the operation was called off at the eleventh hour. Human beings should not suffer at the cost of animal love,”  

The Kerala High Court responded to the remark made by the Farmers’ Association by saying that human intervention in the wild and the lack of food and water is the main reason for the behavior of this elephant. It is due to human encroachment that the elephant acted this way. The Kerala High Court also added that netting and capturing the animal is a not good or permanent solution. The court said the unethical means of capturing and relocating the animal in artificial habitat is against wildlife laws. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News.  Indian Government introducing GPS-based Toll system

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