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Punjab Farmers protest in front of Jantar Mantar

Punjab Farmers protest at Jantar Mantar

Punjab Farmers protest at Jantar Mantar. A group of farmers from Punjab gathered in front of Jantar Mantar to protest against the Centre. The farmers got together on Monday to protest for their demands. The main aim of the protest was for the farmers to get an equal distribution of water. They also wanted the Centre to implement the Minimum Support Price scheme. This protest was mainly organized by the five Farmer’s Union from Punjab. The group of farmers even gave a memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This memorandum included the request of the farmers for equal distribution of water for various agricultural activities. They also wanted PM Narendra Modi to act upon the implementation of the Minimum Support Price scheme (MSP). The farmers wanted quick action to be taken as this scheme was promised to them by the Centre.

Minimum Support Price scheme

Many of the farmers who are a part of the protest have said that they have been waiting for the enforcement of the Minimum Support Price scheme for quite some time. The Minimum Support Price scheme (MSP) is an initiative taken by the Indian Government to help farmers against a steep decline in the prices of their goods. It refers to the minimum price set by the government on basic agricultural products. Under this scheme, the farmers are also paid a pre-announced price for their crops.

Jarnail Singh, who belongs to the Tarn Taran district and is a part of the farmer’s protest said, “Our demands are the same. We need better distribution of water for the farmers… for the state.” He also added, “All the water is going to Rajasthan and Delhi. What will the Punjabi farmers do? The government has also not done anything on MSP on wheat and pulses. Our families are suffering.” Most of the farmers have the same issue and hence are demanding immediate action from the Centre. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. Manish Sisodia presented before the Delhi Court

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