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Rare super blue moon to be spotted in the sky this week, a significant event

The Lunar events have often held great significance whenever they happened, for the moon is the antithesis to the hot, aggressive, radiant sun, it is gentle, cool and at peace, which is why both occupy such important places in astronomy as well as astrology. In astrology, they are known by the names of Solar and Lunar personality respectively. The Solar personality produces leaders that possess charisma and egotism in equal measure, do not compromise on their individuality and are aggressive by nature. The Lunar personality on the other hand is fickle, prefers to take the sway of emotions while making decisions and owing to the natural water element present in them, often feel more, think less.

Lunar eclipses are quite a deal whenever they happen and are safe to view with the naked eye, because they reflect sunlight which is not any brighter than the natural moon and in the hands of a good photographer, make for stunning photos, with the oldest recorded happening of this kind occuring on November 30, 3340 BCE, with petroglyphs being found in Ireland, and the latest lunar eclipses happened from November 7th to 8th 2022, with the moon assuming a very reddish shade, also known as the blood moon.

Now viewers with a clear view will able to see another marvelous phenomenon known by the name of the blue moon, which occurs when the full moon’s orbit is closest to the sun and at a distance of 357,244km on the 30th of August, the moon will be much more closer to the earth. To make things more interesting, Saturn, known as the lawgiver in astrology will be burning more brightly than usual, and join the moon in this cosmic event, which will next happen in August 2024. 

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