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Red Alert: Cyclone Biparjoy expected to cause severe destructions

Cyclone Biparjoy is moving closer to the Indian shores and it is expected that it is prepared for landfall on 15th June.

 Warning By the IMD

As the Cyclone is surging, The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a warning in the following areas, which include the coastal areas of Gujarat, the low-lying areas of Kachchh, Devbhumi Dwarka, Porbandar, Jamnagar and Morbi districts. The areas are under the threat of being inundated by cyclone Biparjoy. Experts have stated that the cyclone’s intensity has weakened but have still warned that it may pick up its pace again to cause severe destruction.

The destruction expected to be caused

According to the updates by the Meteorological Department, The conditions along the sea coast of Kutch and Saurashtra are expected to be rough till the evening of Wednesday.

The damage expected includes extensive damage to houses in Kachchh, Devbhumi Dwarka, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Morbi, Junagarh and Rajkot districts. Damage to power and communication poles may hamper electricity across the area. 

The Dwarkadeesh Temple has been closed Along with the schools and colleges for the next seven days. The people of the coastal areas are warned to stay indoors.

The cyclone is expected to effect other states such as Kerela,Maharashtra,Goa and Karnataka. 

Evacuation of more than 50000 people.

With the Cyclone is approaching the coast of Gujrat more than 50000 people have been evacuated and moved to a safer place for the timebeing. Massive operation has been conducted by the disaster management team to succesfully execute the operation to minimize damage to life and property. 

Some trains that stand cancelled amidst the cyclone:

Bandra Terminus – Bhuj AC Superfast Express

Rajkot – Okha Unreserved Special (Daily)

Veraval – Okha Express

Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Okha Special

Bhavnagar Terminus – Okha Express

 Veraval – Ahmedabad Intercity

Bhanvad – Porbandar Express

Porbandar – Kanalus Special

Porbandar – Bhaunra Express

Rajkot – Porbandar Special

Porbandar Rajkot Special

Porbandar – Shalimar Superfast Express

Jodhpur – Gandhidham Express

Gandhidham – Jodhpur Express

Rajkot – Porbandar Express

Porbandar – Rajkot Express

Bhuj – Palanpur SF ExpressVadodara – Jamnagar Superfast Intercity

Jamnagar – Vadodara Superfast Intercity

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