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Rising cases of Adenovirus in West Bengal

Rising cases of Adenovirus in West Bengal. A heated verbal war took place in the West Bengal Assembly meeting that happened on Thursday. This extreme conversation took place due to the rising cases of Adenovirus in the state. The Bharatia Janata Party asked for an adjournment motion but it was denied. The BJP MLA, Shankar Ghosh decided to raise a demand for a proper discussion on this matter. He mentioned in his discussion with the Assembly that there aren’t many facilities to control or tackle the outbreak. Later, he also said that the state government should look after the issue.

The Bengal minister, Chandrima Bhattacharjee responded by saying that the Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamta Banerjee has already provided all the details about the virus. “The ones who were not in the House have no clue. But Mamata Banerjee has given all the details about Adenovirus in the House,” Chandrima Bhattacharjee said this statement to prove to the BJP MLA that the state was already taking action on this issue. The Bengal Chief Minister also assured everyone not to panic and take precautions.

What is Adenovirus ?

Adenoviruses mostly cause respiratory illness and diseases. The illnesses can range from the common cold to pneumonia and even bronchitis. The adenovirus capsid has the job of finding a cell and delivering the viral genome inside. The virus mainly affects the lungs and the airway. Even with strict precautions taken by everyone, many children have lost their lives over the past few weeks. This has happened due to the severe and acute respiratory infection spread by the Adenoviruses.

The BJP MLA Agnimitra Pau commented on this matter by saying, “As a woman I ask, when an epidemic starts, the government speaks of comorbidities. During Covid, she hid figures and said the same. (Kolkata Mayor) Firhad Hakim said it goes away when the temperature rises. Now, you say that there will be a helpline number? Why now? Why not throughout the year? You don’t have ventilators. Where are the ones the Centre sent during Covid? Did you sell them?” However, even though the cases are rising, both the health care workers and the state government are working towards subsiding the Adenovirus and its effects. For more such update and important headlines subscribe to STMN News. CM Arvind Kejriwal thanked Kerala CM for pointing out “Illegal arrest”

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