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Top 10 Best Indian Films Of 2023

Here's a look at the best Indian movies to close the curtains of this year's film spectacles!

There has been really impressive work across languages done in the Indian film industry this year. Tamil and Malayalam cinema have done the best work content-wise, with Hindi cinema coming a far third. This list is respected for the movies I have come across this year and is an opinion article.

10. Maaveran (Tamil): This Tamil film available on Amazon Prime, stars Shivakarthikeyan and is directed by Madonne Ashwin has to be the most unique take on the “superhero genre” that Indian film industry has seen so far.

The creation of a superhero that occupies a column in a daily newspaper. The antithesis of Satya’s personality assumes to be the guiding light in his life by immersing himself with the ink that created the brave warrior in the film. A fabulous idea that became such an enjoyable and creative commercial flick, integrating some of the most complex yet innovative action set pieces. This formulated to become one of the most enjoyable big-screen experiences this year.

9. Chithha (Tamil): This movie available on Disneyplus Hotstar is one of the most heartbreaking Indian films this year. This movie stars Tamil actor Siddharth and is directed by S.U. Arun Kumar.

It focuses on the unbreakable bond between an uncle and niece and the horrific news of an abduction that gets the most horrible assumptions of what may have happened to the little girl. The film produced by Siddharth also sheds light on important subjects like consent and the concept of good touch and bad touch. It sheds light on the persistence required in the quest for justice and the frustrating red tape that most have to deal with officials, which organically generates a bond within you as a viewer.

8. Sapta Sagardaache Ello Side A&B (Kannada): The story of Manu and Priya only gets closure no matter how heartbreaking the story might get. This romantic saga shows the dedication of Rakshit Shetty to the character and the craft makes anyone respect him as an artist tenfold. The constant tussle between fiction and reality, what could have been versus what is, is where Hemantrao shines as a director. This movie puts the viewer at a contemplative state at the end of Side B. This will surely go down as one of the best-executed romantic tragedies in the Indian film industry this year.

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7. Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai (Hindi): This Indian film explores the sensitivity regarding the sexual assault against a minor and the protective layer of religion under which “pandit ji” or “godmen” take advantage of the vulnerable, went on to become such an emotionally engaging tale, spearheaded brilliantly by Manoj Bajpayee. The most outstanding sequence from this film is the sheer anger and rage the actor executes about the audacity of a man to think that he can go scot-free after committing such vile acts. This Indian movie is truly special this year from Hindi Cinema.

6. 12th Fail (Hindi): This Indian film pushes everyone to root for the main character Vikrant Massey, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. A tale of the real-life struggle of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma which turned out to become one of the most inspirational films coming from the Indian film industry. The level of detail that the director has executed in this film is immaculate. The coaching centers, the atmosphere within and outside the classroom, and the romance that brews and flowers the complexity of acing the competitive exams became such a beautiful concoction.

12th Fail

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5. Gulmohar (Hindi): This movie available on Disneyplus Hotstar focuses on the Natra family where the matriarch Kusum Batra played by Sharmila Tagore has decided to sell their family home in Delhi and move to Pondicherry. Met with mostly silent resentment and restrained opposition from the other members in the family, Kusum urges the family to spend four days together in that house and bid farewell to their abode by celebrating Holi on their last day.

The events that unfold in these 4 days that lead to several moments of conflict transforms into an emotional family tale that strikes a deep emotional cord to the viewers. This stood out as an understated yet effective family tale in Indian film industry.

4. Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam (Malayalam): This is one of the most unique theatrical experiences as it is filled with metaphors and open-ended treatment to its screenplay, allows it’s viewers to be spectators to the madness and come to their conclusions of the odd turn of events that take place. An out-of-the-box narrative style, far away from the exhilarating rides offered by Pellissery. Without giving much spoilers, it definitely will get you thinking for days.

Mammootty in Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam

3. 2018 (Malayalam): This was released when the political environment was extremely toxic regarding the state of Kerala, trying everything they could to portray it to be stuck in the dark ages came a movie that proved the state to be more than just being embroiled in petty religious politics. The film deals with the 2018 floods, which is nothing short of a masterclass. Not just in terms of storytelling but the screenplay does justice as it accurately represents the condition Kerala was in. It highlights the human spirit to work together and the belief that no tragedy is strong enough to break their mighty souls.


2. Iratta (Malayalam): This story revolves around a policeman being shot in a police station and is told meticulously. The movie unfolds as the suspected individuals are hauled up together and questioned, trying to understand each one’s possible motive to kill the man. Each policeman has some scarred history with the diseased. Our lead actor being one of the two twins is very interestingly woven. The brilliant nature of this film is that it makes you believe that there is no sense of reprive for a character so despicable but it always pulls you back somehow.

1. Viduthalai Part I (Tamil): If there has to be one creator in Indian Cinema who always brings something compelling and hard-hitting issues regarding the socio-political climate in India, it has to be Vetrimaaran.

Soori is a police constable who gets recruited in the mountain village in 1987, where the police is in constant conflict with the rebel group called the People’s Army. While his portfolio is of a driver providing food for the policeman, operation Ghost Hunt is intended to catch or kill the leader of the People’s Army. The audience immediately connects with Soori’s innocence and naivety. He always helps those in need and those who are right and he always makes sure to stand by his beliefs and his actions.

It shows how humans reach a point where it is justified for them in their minds to treat others like wild animals. It’s hard-hitting and brilliantly executed, which makes Viduthalai stand in the number 1 position on this list.

Viduthalai Part I

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