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Trump campaign raises 7.1 million dollars since arrest

Donald Trump is one of the most divisive political figures of the twenty-first century, but by any means he is not the worst. He definitely has inherited the chase of the vertical pronoun I, from his predecessors, like Douglas Mac Arthur, the much known American general, who resembles him very much in the bellicosity and the tough guy stance. Mac Arthur had his match in fellow gloryhound Joe Mccarthy, who took up the idea of setting the entire US on a wild goose chase to hound out communists and name drop every name imaginable, including that of Owen Lattimore, a writer of great significance, who wrote on international politics and influenced the opinion of many.

It was never proved if Owen Lattimore was one of  the Reds, but then that was not the objective of these men. Their aim was to create a maelstrom of publicity to compensate for their shortcomings by the use of aggressive rhetoric. Time magazine called him a demagogue in more ideological terms and if you check the dictionary meaning of the term, he fits the bill perfectly. Demagogue is now one of those high school clubs like being the jock, the nerd, the ladies man, the loner kid and if you look closely at politics, you will find a very strong resemblance.

Even after his recent arrest, the whirlwind of publicity has not abated, instead it has given him a run even McCarthy could have not imagined, he can now count Pericles as his equal, who stirred up rhetoric in the same brash way Trump does. And by the looks of it, do not be surprised if he raises 70 million as well, he has long held the nerve of his similarly aggressive headed supporters and they work together in frightful synchronicity.

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