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Two Namibian Cheetahs released in Kuno National Park in MP

Two Namibian Cheetahs released in Kuno National Park

Two Namibian Cheetahs released in Kuno National Park. Two new male coalition cheetahs known as Elton and Fredie were introduced to their new home in Kuno National Park. This wonderful and joyous event took place on Wednesday. The Kuno National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Madhaya Pradesh. The national park was first established in 1981 as a wildlife sanctuary. Kuno National Park is known for its reintroduction of cheetahs in India. This has led to the release of eight of these animals in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kuno National Park even added a post of Twitter saying, “Elton and Freddie, two male coalition Cheetahs have been released in the free-ranging area in Kuno today successfully at 6.30 pm. Both are doing well and are healthy.”

Implementation of Project Cheetah

Unfortunately, cheetahs had been declared as an extinct animal from India in 1952. For this reason, eight cheetahs (five females and 3 males) were brought from Namibia or Republic of Namibia (country in Southern Africa). This is when Project Cheetah comes into play. The main aim of the project is to grow healthy meta-populations in India. This is done to allow cheetahs to take back their functional roles as top predators. The Indian Government has put in a lot of effort to create Project Cheetah. This was also done so that the country’s wildlife and habitat can be revitalized and diversified. Under this project, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released eight cheetahs in the Kuno National Park. The actives of the cheetahs are monitored closely to make sure that they are comfortable in their new environment.

The cheetahs do seem to have gotten comfortable. On March 13, officials present at the National Park reported that, two cheetahs, one male and one female hunted down a deer. The hard work and efforts of the Indian Government will surely help with reintroduction of wild species in India. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. High security at India High commission in London, amid khalistan issue

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