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Uttarakhand villages are under curfew as tiger attacks increase

The wild tiger population in India has exceeded 3,000. However, with the rise in numbers comes habitat destruction and urbanization, leading to an increase in tiger. .

Last week, India announced that its wild tiger population has exceeded 3,000, but the rising numbers, coupled with habitat destruction and urbanization, are resulting in more attacks. A curfew was implemented on Sunday, prohibiting individuals from leaving their residences between 7: in two districts of Uttarakhand’s hilly state. Schools were also closed for two days beginning Monday.  .

Officials reported the first death on Thursday, followed by another on Sunday. It’s unclear whether both homicides involved the same tiger. A forest officer, Swapnil Anirudh, stated that they received a report of a tiger on April 10 and are monitoring the area with armed personnel.

In India between 2019 and mid-2021, tiger attacks resulted in the tragic deaths of 108 people. The rapid spread of human settlements near forests and wildlife corridors is believed to contribute to the growing problem of human-animal conflicts.

Authorities killed a tiger called the “man-eater of Champaran” in eastern India last year. India has around 3,167 big cats, as per the latest census. Although their numbers have increased over the last decade, the rate of growth has decreased to less than 7% between 2018 and 2022 from over 30% in the previous decade. .

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the tiger has lost more than 93% of its natural habitat in the last 100 years. The tiger’s existence is now limited to a few isolated groups across just 13 nations.

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