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Wild animal attacks villagers in Jharkhand in Latehar District

Wild animal attacks villagers in Jharkhand

Wild animal attacks villagers in Jharkhand. Recently, in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, a wild animal attacked some of the villagers of the district. This unfortunate incident took place on Saturday 25 March 2023. Three villagers of the Latehar District were attacked by the wild animal. There is no clear indication of which particular animal attacked the villagers. However, many people claim that the animal could have been a leopard or even a tiger. This incident happened specifically in the Kumandih forest under the Manika police station. Luckily, the other villagers were quick to respond to the situation and help those who were injured. The people who were attacked included two men and a woman. They are currently being treated at the Latehar Sadar Hospital.  

Details of the incident

The details of the incident were narrated by the villagers. Apparently, Arvind Oraon, a resident of Jobla village, went to collect mahua plants with a few other villagers. Out of nowhere a wild animal attacked Arvind and the other villagers started calling for help. Perturbed by the noise, the animal attacked a woman who was standing nearby. Luckily, all villagers were able to scare away the animal. Soon after that, all the people who were injured were rushed to the hospital. Based on the preliminary check-up, the doctors referred them to a different hospital for advanced medical treatment. 

The officials from the forest department soon arrived at the village. They assured all the villagers that nothing would happen again, and they would be provided with protection. The forest department officials then started working on ways to help the people of Latehar District. The forest department is also trying to determine which animal was behind the attack. Following the orders of the Forest Officials, a team was created to investigate this matter.  Not only this incident, the villagers at Latehar district are also troubled by the terror of elephants for a long time now. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News.  PM Inaugurates New Metro Line in Bengaluru

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