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CJI Announces Plan to Expand the Supreme Court

Hon’ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court D.Y. ChandraChud on Tuesday announced a plan to expand the Supreme Court with 27 additional courts and 51 judges chambers.

CJI said “We need to overhaul infrastructure at the earliest. We plan to expand the Supreme Court by constructing a new building to have 27 additional courtrooms, 4 registrar courtrooms, and adequate facilities for lawyers and litigants.” To make courts more accessible and inclusive.

It was also emphasised by CJI that the building attached to the Supreme Court premises like the museum and annexe building will be demolished to create bar rooms for women lawyers, SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association) meeting rooms, and 15 courtrooms.

CJI also gave certainty on the project that it will be in two stages. A comprehensive proposal has been already sent to the Central Government for the approval from Department of Justice.

The Supreme Court of India currently has 17 courtrooms and two registrar courts. Supreme Court hold 32 judicial strength currently with a constitutional limit of 34 till date but this can be increased as per the Supreme Court (Number of Judges) Act, 1956.

The first Phase of the construction will include offices for the SCBA and Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association (SCAoRA) office bearers, canteen women lawyers bar room and other facilities.

The second phase of the project will accommodate 12 courtrooms, judge’s chambers, registrar courts and a lounge for SCBA and SCAoRA. The new building will reflect the constitutional aspirations, beliefs, and priorities of the Indian people, in addition to providing a space which facilitates access to justice,” Chief Justice said.

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